Southern California
(Malibu to Orange County) 

For Dress Up Dates or Corporate Cards

The Bazaar (Los Angeles/Beverly Hills)

Nobu (Malibu)

Cheap n REAL Good

Cafe Vienna (Laguna Beach)

Father's Office (Santa Monica)

Tender Greens (West Hollywood)

Personal Craves and Faves

Cafe Vienna (Laguna Beach)

Once again, I have to list Cafe Vienna for breakfast. If they have the Masala Omelette on special, get it.

In n Out Burger (everywhere)

Remember, these are my "personal" craves. In n Out is something that I sorely miss from living outside of California now.

Warszawa (Santa Monica)

Even years after my last visit to this restaurant, I remember this as the site of the best pierogis I've ever had.

Try It, You'll Like It (or so they tell me)

Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles