Oh, Canada!


Japa Dog (Burrard & Smithe)

When you think of Vancouver, you don't exactly think of hot dog stands -- well, unless you're me. Years later, I still have fond memories of a hot dog stand I went to on the corner of Robson & Burrard, made with high quality meat (real meat, not lips & assholes like in the US), toasted and accompanied by an array of delicious sauces that were so difficult to choose from. During a visit in September 2009, that hot dog stand was there, but just another block over was an even more memorable stand, Japa Dog, with (you guessed it) a Japanese theme.


Japa Dog gets featured on all the travel publications and travel shows, and is well worth its popularity. They have a poster showing off pics of various celebrities that have dined there. I guess it should have been no surprise that while I happened to be there with Top Chef Las Vegas contestant, Robin Leventhal, we run into movie star, Scott Glenn and his wife. They all bonded as Sun Valley, Idahoans while I just munched on my dog.


Cultural Activities

Culture Shock Gallery (Alert Bay)

It's worth the ferry ride to visit this "interactive gallery" to learn more about First People's culture. Of course, I have to say the Salmon BBQ is a must.

Mural Alley


Grouse Mountain

Stanley Park & the Sea Wall


Just an absolutely gorgeous couple of hours' drive up north. The quintessential ski village is also a destination in the summer for mountain biking, ATVing and Zip-Trekking.