La Butte Chaillot (Paris)

Guy Savoy reminds me of the Tom Douglas of Paris with all his restaurants, including one in Las Vegas, so I thought a trip to Paris would not have been complete without experiencing some of his food. I confess that after two weeks jaunting around Paris and Monaco, our budget was a bit tight and La Butte Chaillot was a great way to experience some of Guy Savoy's cuisine without paying the chere prices.  Plus, the restaurant happened to be near my hotel, so it was a  beautiful walk around the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero that made a great setting for a dream-come-true kind of date, even on a budget.

My dining companion and I splurged on the tasting menus, one was a 7-course and the other a mere 5-course. The other diners seemed to be of the very conservative French ilk despite the casual nature of the restaurant, so I sadly refrained from taking pictures until the very end when I had had enough wine to realize I had to capture the moment to some degree. Some of the memorable dishes include a sea bass with snow peas, which were textures I normally wouldn't imagine together, but was pleasantly surprised.


Hotel de La Darse ** (French Riviera)
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great location and inexpensive