Yes, it is possible to find good food in Idaho

Archie's Place (Kendrick)

Even in this small town with a population of 369, good food can be found. Just about everything is made from scratch and it's a great location to catch up on town gossip, even if you don't know a soul there. I personally loved anything made with their hash browns. They claim to be the best restaurant in Kendrick and I will have to agree, especially since it is the only restaurant in Kendrick.

Bojack's Broiler Pit (Lewiston)

It didn't take me long to learn of the legendary "Bite Size," a local specialty dish of steak cut into cubes, seasoned, breaded then deep-fried. While Bojack's is known to have the best version, I dared not enter this place. Not exactly the most welcoming exterior, even in the daylight, it just didn't feel like the kind of place I wanted to enter by myself, especially in a rather deserted downtown area. If you're feeling pretty fearless, or have some good muscle with you, from what I heard of the local legend, this is THE place to go.

Eastern Washington

Holy Wow! (Must Tries)

Ferdinand's & Cougar Creamery (Pullman/WASU)

This place is almost worth the 5-hour drive from Seattle. Super-fresh ice cream and excellent cheese you can even watch being made -- and all so incredibly cheap! A whole wheel of their famous Cougar Gold cheese is only $18 and two scoops of their delectable ice cream came out to only $2.01.