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Art of the Table (Wallingford/Greenlake)

I absolutely love Dustin Ronspies' food, the charming staff, and this quaint location. Menu changes every week and Monday happy hour offers the best option to try the dishes a la carte instead of the fixed 4-course menu the rest of the week.

Brasa (Belltown)

I'm not sure if I'm more of a fan of the food or Brasa's chef, Tamra Murphy. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Corson Building (Georgetown)

Dinette (Capitol Hill)

Matt's in the Market (Pike Place)

This place is a staple for me, with consistently great food. My personal favorite is the duck confit with its crisp skin and all the fat perfectly rendered while still maintaining a moist and flavorful meat. I highly recommend (actually demand) making room for the bread pudding. I'll admit that I've stopped in to the restaurant later in the evening just to partake in the dessert.
UPDATE: It may not be the same now that a new owner has taken over, I still like to come here for the bread pudding.

Poppy (Capitol Hill)

I like to try everything so I really like their use the Indian tradition of thali, which has about 7-9 small dishes included in your meal. The food is of excellent quality and innovative tastes, but I highly recommend making room for their dessert. Dana Cree is one of my favorite pastry chefs in Seattle and she makes an incredible chocolate pudding with an almond and brioche "crumble" on top. I am salivating just thinking about it.

Keepin it Casual

Thaiku (Ballard)

I don't know if it's Thaiku or its sister bar, Fu Kun Wu, that has charmed me so. The food is fantastic, but I think it's the decor that I absolutely love. Happy hour is pretty fantastic, too.

Cheap n Good, n of course delish

Dahlia Bakery (Belltown)

This is a great place to stop in and get a bite of Tom Douglas' famous coconut cream pie. I am also a fan of their breakfast sandwiches. Don't even get me started on the other sweet treats. Sandwiches are also excellent.

Categories: cheap n good, weekday breakfast, delectable desserts

Paseo (Ballard/Shillshole & Fremont)

Quite possibly the most amazing sandwiches I've ever tried. My favorite experience is to order from the Shilshole location and walk to Golden Gardens and enjoy the view from the beach.

Categories: cheap n good

Rancho Bravos Tacos (Capitol Hill)

They may be known for their tacos and burritos, but what most impresses me about their food are the tamales. Super fresh and moist. Just ideal.

Categories: cheap n good, Mexican

Serious Pie (Belltown)

The pizza is excellent and I admire the pricing structure of the house wine ($5/glass, $10/half-caraffe, $15/caraffe) -- and goes great with the pizza. The white bean appetizer is a great way to begin a delicious evening.

Categories: cheap n good

Skillet Street Food (various)

Food truck gone gourmet. Josh Henderson has got to be my favorite chef in Seattle and his staff mimic his sense of laid-back style, but with high-level skill.

Price: $8ish
Fave Dish/es: grass-fed Washington beef burger w/ bacon jam. Oh yes, and a poutine upgrade for fries. If fried chicken is on the menu, GET IT
Service: ****
Health-Friendly: ** fresh ingredients; salad sometimes available, but the poutine is so irresistable
Earth-Friendly: compostable plates and flatware
Overall: ***

Categories: cheap n good, weekday breakfast, delectable desserts

Tamarind Tree (International District)

Perhaps not as cheap as it used to be, it still qualifies in the "n good" category. Perhaps even "n great." I would almost equate this place to Slanted Door in San Francisco in terms of deliciousness of food. Decor is exquisite, too.

Trophy Cupcakes (Wallingford)

One of the qualities that tripped me out about Seattle is there was a cupcake establishment, actually a chain of them. So it really surprised me when competition arose in the form of Trophy Cupcakes. While I was a big fan of the other place, I won't deny my bias for Trophy. The cakes are incredibly fresh tasting with both cake and frosting equally delicious.

Categories: cheap n good, weekday breakfast, delectable desserts

Voula's Offshore Cafe (Wallingford)

A typical family-run restaurant with a-typical food. This is the kind of place where regulars have such trouble veering away from their favorite dishes, but when they do, they are pleasantly surprised by the unusual combinations that await them. The frontrunner of unique has got to be the "Chinese Pancake," a batter is poured out on the grill, with pieces of ham laid on top and then smack dab in the middle, an egg. One flip over, wait a few minutes, and on a plate, this golden disk of yumminess awaits some butter and maple syrup. It's makes a great combination, even once medium egg yolk is pierced and mixes with pancake and syrup.

Price: $10ish
Fave Dish/es: Hobo and Niko's hash browns
Service: **** Super-friendly, homey service
Health-Friendly: * not good if you're on a diet, but worth every calorie
Earth-Friendly: they just converted their to-go containers from styrofoam to compostable -- YAY!
Overall: ***

Categories: cheap n good, weekday breakfast & lunch

Personal Craves and Faves

Alcatraz (Rainier Valley)

I just love a good Mexican restaurant that's open til 3am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Categories: cheap n good,

Kawali Grill (Rainier Valley)

At last, a place that makes me feel proud of my heritage. Although Kawali Grill doesn't advertize itself as a Filipino restaurant, there is plenty of freshly made, delicious food here -- whether you are into Filipino food or not.

Price: $10ish
Fave Dish/es: Tosilog and Longsilog (Filipino bacon or Filipino sausage) with garlic fried rice and 2 fried eggs on top. The fried chicken is amazing, too.
Service: **
Health-Friendly: * I can't deny, with the primarily formula of meat and rice, Filipino isn't exactly known as health-friendly
Earth-Friendly: they just converted their to-go containers from styrofoam to compostable -- YAY!
Overall: ***

Categories: cheap n good

Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant (Kent)

Best dim sum I've had in the Seattle area. Good for groups but be prepared to wait.

Kauaii Family Restaurant (Georgetown)

Most authentic Hawaiian food in the Seattle area. They even do malasadas.

Categories: cheap n good

Try It, You'll Like It (or so they tell me)

Fuji Sushi (International District)

Recommended by Jenise as the "best sushi in ID, hands down."

Sleep it Off

Hotel Andra (Belltown)

I think the Hotel Andra has the best locations to sleep off all this great food, situated right at what I call the "Tom Douglas Corner" of 4th & Virginia. There is the Dahlia Lounge, Serious Pie, Dahlia Bakery and the hotel's own restaurant Lola, all of which offer the good quality food Douglas offers, regardless of which genre.

Pan Pacific (South Lake Union)

A great hotel with excellent service, at reasonable prices considering what you get. Plus, it's right above Whole Foods.